Binarystars Wool Plaid Lamb Wool Warm Scarf for Men Winter


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?The 180cm* 30cm scarves are?made by 100% wool.

    • British style

      The British style dark gray small check, elegance and warmth, the feel of a glue smooth, bring delicate and comfortable touch to the skin. Excellent draping and wrinkle-free.

    • Fashionable?style

      The designer selects the colors to match the warmth and elegance, and the style is fashionable.?

    • Soft and exquisite sense of texture

      A soft and delicate texture. The color match is simple and fashionable, with high color fastness and a clear pattern. The warmth is there, the style of the natural coming.

    • It is comfortable and delicated.

      It is comfortable and delicated, with high density, a good feeling and draping, a natural and natural softer color, without wrinkling, surrounded by not only warmth, but also taste..

    • Selected high-quality wool finishing weaving

      The feel of soft and smooth, close to the skin without any prickly feeling, warm and sensitive, the appropriate processing of pile, so that the touch is more comfortable, flattering to the skin, warm feeling is born!

    • Hand-woven tassels

      Dynamic and natural. The length is consistent, well-rounded and filled, sturdy but not loose.

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